The Marley System

The MARLEY system [copyright, S.Langston, 2021] is named after our son, Marley Langston who was born in 2018 during the extensive research process that led to the development of the golden ratio real time utilisation model. It is a system of 16 innitial points on a time line where golden ratio occurances may occur. This is additionally subdivided between GR8 and GR9 [The KOBI section] by a micro MARLEY SYSTEM which allows for additional golden ratio points in the larger section of the original.

The system can be utilised in any real time event to demonstrate where the golden ratio points are of captured moments in time. It can be utilised live or in pre recorded situations as an analysis device. The system is still in development but has been tested on the following:

  • Musical Theatre Commercial Performance (duration of piece)

  • Films (duration of piece)

  • Songs (duration of piece)

A package (available to interested parties) demonstrates examples of the MARLEY system in operation. This package comes with a working spread sheet which allows you to input your duration, the rest is worked out for you (where the golden ratio points occur).

Please email with a request for this package detailing your project and reasons why you are interested in the MARLEY system.

You can view the research seminar associated with the MARLEY system at or download teh full thesis from here.