Stephen Langston Composer, Academic, Musical Director, Producer

Langston is a leading composer and producer of Musicals whilst pioneering musical theatre education in Scotland at the University of the West of Scotland. He studied composition with John McLeod CBE at the London College of Music and was awarded an FLCM in 1992. His compositions and musicals (including The Green Door - Robertson and Langston, Faeries - McPike and Langston, Sheherezade - McCrumb and Langston and Wallace - Sutherland, McCrumb and Langston) have been performed all over the UK and he has produced over 100 theatrical productions across Scotland. 

Langston is sought after as a musical director in theatre and the concert platform conducting numerous professional and amateur groups including orchestral, choral, brass band and popular music combinations. As an academic he is Programme Leader for Performance and Senior Lecturer in Media and Arts at the University of the West of Scotland. In 2020 he was awarded a PhD in 'The Golden Ratio as an Influencing Factor within the Compositional Structure of Sung through Musicals'. His research has led to numerous international press articles and publications in The Conversation, The Sunday Times, The Sunday Mirror, The Herald and the Daily Star reaching out to over 3 million article views. 

Dr Stephen Langston PhD, FLCM, SFHEA, PGTQFE, BA hons

Contact - [twitter -  Stephen Langston @DrCyberhare] [linkedin - Stephen Langston]