Langston is also an experienced digital editor and enthuses that this is potentially one of the most rewarding and creative jobs in the entertainment industry. Not only can you compose music, but you can control and edit the visual elements on screen and create a whole new digital experience for the audience.

If I can't have you (2011) A beautiful film short written and performed by Mhairi Boyd, produced and edited by Stephen Langston

The Making of Arabian Nights (2002) follows the production process of Langstons musical Scherezade for its world premiere at the RCS i Glasgow 2002. Langston produced, directed and edited the documentary

I have a Dream (2002) music video was filmed for David Hayman's charity Spirit Aid. Written specifically for Samantha Seth by Rufus Stone the video was filmed on location throughout Scotland and utilised to promote charity fund raising. Produced, directed and edited by Stephen Langston

Images of Production Promotion