Career to date

As well as conducting, Stephen is a talented composer and arranger. Born in Somerset, he played French horn before moving to Edinburgh and studying composition under John MacLeod (CBE). His first musical, supported by Cameron Mackintosh, was The Best in the Tower (1994). For the past 20 years he has worked with some of the country’s leading names in the musical world. He has produced, directed or accompanied hundreds of theatrical productions and has written four successful musicals which have toured Scotland since 2007. Stephen is Programme leader for Performance at the University of the West of Scotland.


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- The Green Door Music, Co-lyrics and book – World Premier, January

- Faeries Music, co Lyrics and Book, Cottiers Theatre, 2014

- Shenakie M.D, Orchestrations and arrangements – CamMac and Eden Court Theatre, Inverness

- Scotch Mist Music, Lyrics and Book – CD Recording

- Faeries Music, co Lyrics and Book – Produced by Pictel Ltd

- Sheherezade Music, co Lyrics and Book – Produced by Pictel Ltd

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- The Beast in the Tower Music and Book – produced by Napier University

- In the Beginning Choral Commission – commissioned by Curry Choral Society

- Glamour Overdrive Film Musical – Music – Ealing Film School

- The Dancing Men Film Music – Music – Ealing Film School

- The Felis Charm Film Music – Music – Ealing Film School

- Fantasy Flute Sonata Orchestral Commission – Queens College

- The Spirit of Burnham Brass band Commission – Burnham Brass Band

- Queens Gloria Choral Commission for Choir and Orchestra, Queens College

- Requiem Aeternaum Commissioned by Taunton Choral Society