Concert and Film

Langston has been writing for the concert platform and film for over 30 years. These range from compositions and arrangements from full symphony orchestra to choir ensembles. His first large scale composition was Requiem Aeternaum premiered at the Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool in 1990, followed by Queens Gloria (commisioned by Stephen Bell) in 1991. Other commisions include The Spirit of Burnham for Brass band, In the Beginning for SATB and strings, and The Beast in the Tower SATB and symphont Orchestra. Langston has also written the film scores for The Felis Charm (LWT), Glamour Overdrive (Independent) The Dancing Men (Granda TV).

Requiem Aeternaum - Live performance by the Taunton Choral Society

01 Requiem Aeternum - 1.m4a

Track 1 Reuqiem Aeternaum

02 Dies Irae - 2.m4a

Track 2 Dies Irae

03 Liberame - 3.m4a

Track 3 Liberame

04 Agnus Dei - 4.m4a

Track 4 Agnus Dei

05 Hosanna - 5.m4a

Track 5 Hosanna

06 PIe Jesu - 6.m4a

Track 6 Pie Jesu