14th December 2022 - Spor and Chaser (Sony Podcast) inrewview concerning the development and history of the Pantomime. You can hear the full interview here.

11th October 2022 - Appearance as expert advisor on BBC Scotland concerning the cost of living crisis and the arts. Click here for excerpt

8th August 2022 - Spot and Chaser (Sony Podcast) interview concerning musicals and the golden ratio. You can hear the full interview here.

27th May 2022 - Langston interviewed on BBC Radio 4 PM programme as expert consultant with regard the latest ABBA virtual gig and the future of Performance and Technology. You can hear the interview here (at 51 mins in)

On Monday 14th March Dr Langston was interviewed on Canadian Radio concerning his recent article in the Conversation concerning Volodymyr Selensky. You can hear the interview here.

In August 2020 Dr Stephen Langston was interviewed by Paul Ross on Talk Radio concerning his research on the Golden Ratio.